Frog habitat


The Art Of Yoga

In seeking to express the vastness and intensity of the yoga experience I created a series of images, some life size and some larger. I started with life size tracings of my own body and then substantially developed those tracings, sometimes largely obscuring the original line.

Art makes you look, feel and listen. Making art leads you on a process of discovery and revelation. Drawing is my go-to for sanity, for gravity and for levity. On a good day the hand becomes like a needle registering a heartbeat on a graph, I am not consciously controlling it. It's unpredictable and magical. Sometimes when I am cartooning I laugh out loud. Of course, it doesn't always happen that way and I also like those more pedestrian moments of technical drawing/exploration. But the best thing is when I am surprised by what I do. When I am drawing I am absolutely present. When I am painting I feel like I am just drawing with other stuff. 

Chia Moan